Cleaning Upholstery Effectively

To care for your expensive upholstery fabric, you need to clean it – to remove dirt and stain, to sanitize it – to destroy germs and bacteria and to deodorize it – to leave it smelling fresh.

There are different advisable ways one can use to clean upholstery fabric. Cleaning starts with vacuuming the fabric to suck-in all dust and loose dirt. A bottle of compressed air can aid to puff out dust from hard to reach areas. Thereafter, spray mist on visible stains and sprinkle on top powdery upholstery cleaner. Gently rub the cleaner into the fabric and wipe it off with a clean dry cloth. Alternatively, the fabric can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Dip a soft brush into the water and gently brush the fabric without soaking it with water. Follow this by cleaning the fabric with a clean soft damp cloth. Allow it to dry.

Since upholstery fabric absorbs dust/dirt, it is a good breeding ground for bacteria. After initial vacuuming, one way of sanitizing can be through steaming the fabric with a steam cleaner. The heat destroys breeding ground and kills dust mites. One can also use a disinfectant spray.

From use of chemical deodorizers to organic ones, there are several options available to freshen upholstery fabric. Most organic recipes agree on baking soda as ideal for removing odor. This entails sprinkling baking soda over the fabric, allow it to settle in for about 30 minutes and vacuum it all up.

Since upholstery is a gentle fabric, avoid using cleaners with silicone. It damages the fabric by closing up pores causing the fabric to harden and crack. It is also advisable use less of disinfectant spray as it can cause bugs to be resistant.

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